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Full Version: New shop idea
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I was thinking about a transplant surgeries shop, like the cyber chop shop but to gain humanity.

I know cybers cant be removed and i have no problem with that but what if players (borgs or humans) could buy humanity back? Have a transplantation of x part of the body and like cybers, it would cost more and more everytime you buy it.

What I was thinking was 1 point per surgery but it would start very high, like 400-500k$ and either double or go up by 50% everytime.

Any thoughts on the idea any1??
i like it, ive been staying clear of cyber to date, but i think this would be a nice balance
I think it would be better if you had to choose between the two!! cant have your cake and eat it!!
agreed....everything has to have a to buying has to be earned Smile
well if you could buy humanity you could NOT buy Cyberware and vice versa.

Could add a dimension to the monthly event run by The Geek.


Easy for you to say Pun.. What are you at, 12 humanity now? Don't blink or you'll miss Punishers complete bar refresh!


Its not only for borgs though, other people could use it to boost their humanity and be able to train even more and faster.

Of course, as a borg, it would be useful for me to buy even more cybers but it could be useful to humans too.

Thanks for the inputs so far and keep em coming every1.
I think if you allow borgs to buy humanity that it will unbalance the cyberware.

but if you give a choice one or the other I think it would be a nifty little in game competition.


Sorry, but I totally disagree with this. Seems to me like someone is having a little buyers remorse.

Humanity can not be bought, it is something you gain through life experience. Not in a Doctors office!!!!!!!


syntheticdarkness Wrote:Humanity can not be bought, it is something you gain through life experience. Not in a Doctors office!!!!!!!

muddy says "yup"
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