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Full Version: Human Verification
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Should add a random verification window where you click the number in the image to match from time to time. Prevent any scripting or other nonsense from going on.
isnt zenith already on the look out for scripting? hence the point of the feddy jail
Zenith already kick the scripters butts, wether they be donators or not. Luckily she has found no need to inconvenience the players Smile


Well, while I have nothing but the upmost of faith in zen, no one is infallible. I'd like to see the image verification put in place.
thats the nice with neverending games, sooner or later you will be caught up with.


This might not be such a good idea. I have seen this type of thing being implemented on many other games and it has got some people moaning. It also can make the game slower, for some apparent reason. And also, even though it would stop most automated scripts from doing their evil deeds, I have seen circumstances where their are those rare dudes out there who can get past them easily, and then the techniques spread like a disease. They always find a way around any thing. It is probably best if Zenith and Err focus on what they have to do next, instead of using time on a feature that really is not effective. But, if it is implemented, then all the power to it. I hope that it nails the little buggers who use these devilish little scripts.
considering that everything is ranked and charted - stats, gym gains, crimes, activity, jail busts - for someone to use scripting and NOT get caught seems silly. pullo is ridiculously hyperactive - hes kind of active in the forums, etc. much more attention is paid to him because of his high activity. same with everyone who is exceptional. and if you use a script to be sub-par, that doesnt really do much for you, does it?


I do think its kind of odd for the same player to have been on top of the Gym Rat stats for the past three or four days straight. I'm probably just jealous though.


Not really odd, there was a -short but fun- period this winter when I was online 15-18 hours a day, I went from 21st to 15th over in battle stats at that time.

If I did it, I'm sure a lot of people here can do the same and be on alot everyday, depending on their job (if they have 1) and their capacity to stay indoor sitting at a computer.
OK, I've just learned that I don't like these human varification programs! There is another game I play and it has one, main problem is, when you play on a cellphone, you can't quite "click on this certain area".
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