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Full Version: New Idea - Holographic Tattoos
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Each of us born in AL carries a holographic tattoo, which remains invisisble and powerless to the individual until he pays a fee to activate it. There are 12 tattoos, perhaps based on the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Your tattoo is based on the players development stats. For instance:

Rat - A,D,R,S with natural enemy - Dog - and natural friend - Pig
Ox - S,R,A,D with natural enemy - Snake - and natural firend - Rooster
Tiger - D,S,A,R with natural enemy - Monkey - and natural friend - Horse
Rabbit - D,A,R,S with natural enemy - Pig - and natural friend - Lamb
Dragon- R,S,D,A with natural enemy - Lamb - and natural friend - Rat
Snake - A,R,D,S with natural enemy - Rat - and natural friend - Ox
Horse - R,S,A,D with natural enemy - Dragon - and natural friend - Dog
Lamb - A,R,S,D with natural enemy - Rooster - and natural friend -Snake
Monkey-S,D,R,A with natural enemy - Rabbit - and natural friend - Dragon
Rooster-R,A,D,S with natural enemy - Ox - and natural friend - Snake
Dog - D,A,S,R with natural enemy - Horse - and natural friend - Tiger
Pig - S,D,A,R with natural enemy - Tiger - and natural friend - Monkey

The tattoo gives an added defence against the natural enemy and perhaps decreases the percentage of a successful attack against your natural friend (or ally). The percentage of defence increases if the player's secondary stats are matched as follows:

Rat - highest secondary stat - Endurance
Ox - highest secondary stat - Work (experience)
Tiger - Reputation
Rabbit - Intelligence
Dragon - Reputation
Snake - Intelligence
Horse - Work
Lamb - Endurance
Monkey - Intelligence
Rooster - Reputation
Dog - Work
Pig - Endurance

There would have to be some tweaking to the above suggestion and, as I'm not a programmer, I wouldn't be able to apply the variables into the formula. However, I think that an idea like this would add the following benefits to the game:

1) Lower level players would have an increased sense of security against an attack by higher level players, as the tattoo acts as an extra defense against attacks by certain players.
2) The insertion of the tattoos would encourage people to develop their secondary stats, which means spending money and/or credits.
3) It can act as an impetus to evening out development stats, as it is no secret that most people are developing A(ccuracy) and D(exterity).
4) It adds a degree of unpredictability to the game.

As the tattoo is holographic, it can change as the development stats change. However, one must pay to have the tattoo re-scanned to determine if it has changed and to what tattoo. For six of the tattoos, the re-scanning can only take place when you have achieved an odd-numbered level. For the other six, the re-scanning can only take place on even-numbered levels.

Let me know what you think.


I know this is an old topic but it sounds pretty interesting.

(I guess this tells you I do not really go to page 2 or farther on topics. LOL Guess I should though. HEHE)
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