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Full Version: Cyborgs Union
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We feel we are being hated against!

He have simple demands (suggestions)

1. Due to the fact that our happiness and health points recover slower we should start out with more health points then those pesky humans. As cyborgs we should be held to a higher standard of not getting our butts creamed Smile
2. Travel between districts should be free for the cyborg race!

3. I am just throwing stuff out there, but there should be benefits and drawbacks from picking either side Smile



The benefit of being cyborg is added levels to your stats.
The benefit of being human is faster refresh time.

Both have pros and cons, it is the players choice to decide if they want to be, human or cyborg.
haha, yeah the addons really help SOOOO much! We need more incentive!


I don't know what to say to you.
I know that I myself have made the decision to keep my character 100 percent human with no cybernetics. I can afford them, but would rather have a faster refresh.

I could argue that us human players can get left in the dust by those who purchase the cyborg additions.

I like the idea of being able to choose between a human or a cyborg character. The player makes the decision on which to be. Each has its advantages and disasvantages.

My main point is this, it is the choice we as players make. If you don't want a slower refresh rate, stay human. If you want to kick butt in battle, go cyborg. I think it depends upon how the individual likes to play the game.


I like the ideas we cyborgs should get something


Agreed. I'd go with a boost to HP, since a shotgun blast to a human would do more damage than one to a cyborg. Or maybe a base resistance bonus or bonus to our equipped armor...


BS - the stat upgrades alone are your incentive, you annoying borg beyotches!

I've got my half dozen or so eyes on you.
you get a bonus to resistance. its the bonus that you paid for in cybernetics. we dont get that bonus


Let's not argue over resistance again. I spoke with whom who could really answer and based on what was said, a few reports of attacks that were sent to me by attackers and a ton of my attacks, the bonus for boosting resistance do exists but only against stronger enemies and about every 10-12 times you're hit. For the last 100 times I got hit in battle there was maybe 4-5 over 60 and 10-20 over 40 which is not that far from what I was getting before getting 5 cyber upgrades in resistance.

I don't know if the effects are the same for the other stats but I wouldn't call it a good enough benefit for the 1-2 mils it cost and whatever refresh rate we lose.

I think that if some1 could reach 0.00 humanity then he should have unlimited AP and/or energy for a short period of time, then need a few hours to refill his batteries or whatever is driving him/her. Just like a real cyborg!!!
I have noticed absolutely no difference in the upgrades??? I want more! Twisted
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