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Full Version: In game Note Pad
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Would be nice to have a in game note pad area.

Then I could Write things down and delete my mail and events.
Since I can't e-mail my self in game.
Even a small area would be nice.
Make a limit so it don't eat up to much space.
Donator only or not I don't care.
Then I wouldn't have to look for that info I wrote down on a piece of paper that ened up in the trash.
Just like Gang message page but personal.
Then I could copy and paste any part of it to send.
Put a price on it to buy a book ( note area )

I know I would use it and keep my e-mail clean.

What Ya think ?


do you have MS Word or NotePad or WordPad?


Yes I'm a programer so I have alll sorts of programs I could put the info on and make a short cut from my desk top.

Just would be nice to have a in game area to keep notes.

Would be easy to do, but more info in game takes up some space.
So for donators would be cool.

Is this something people besides me would use ?


Ive used them in other games to my convenience. here i keep most all of the notes i need in friends/enemies list, however when running events it can be very difficult to keep track of info.


You can mail yourself in the game by the way. Just input your own id number.
I just copy and paste things ionto a word document and then save it.

usually upon request i can get a person that i attacked a copy of the cpmbat.

I also on occassion make notes about gang members and keep that available for the pres and myself.

An in game notepad wouldnt be a bad thing I just dont see it as necessary


hydro9226 Wrote:You can mail yourself in the game by the way. Just input your own id number.

Thanks for the trick, I never put my own ID in. LOL I went to my name and it says " check mail " . Allways just hit the send mail button.

Now I can just mail my self all the important info and keep it in my mail box. And if I need to change it I can just copy then add, or change info and remail it.

Also I can Mail any comabt logs to myself and Archive it to a folder, then open it as a tab in Html.

Now I can play my other games while I play AL with out a bunch of word pad type windows open, and easy to copy and paste quickly.

Still would be nice to have a little area for personal notes, as I have had on other games , but this work around will do.

By the way Help Keep Awakened Land Clean and Delete Your E-mails.
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