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Full Version: minor idea for gym
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keep the default stat to train the same one as the last one you trained

its not a big deal, but a couple times ive accidentally spent all my energy on accuracy because i was training ACC for awhile, and i click train by reflex. would be nice if i could like set the default to the next stat i want to train
simple and great Smile That will be very usefull


I'll third that idea. It's a good 1 in my opinion too.
i just did it again Sad crap
wheres the zen bunny when you need her?


y'all gotta quit smokin the ganja before you hit the gym.
that really would make train quicker Smile
thanks Smile i thought so too. plus its a little frustrating when youre trying to power train a certain stat and you misclick or forget to switch it back, would just be nice to have this feature IMO


i think there could be something like a cookie or so, that remembers what was your last trained abillity and just be the default the next time you click on gym? Zen pls reply with suggestions
dont waste her time, it aint rocket science, You'd think in the 40 mins it takes to refresh you could work out what to train, and you have a 5 minute window to do it, so you dont have to click as quick as poss
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